Up-to-date overview of reliable non-bank loans without a register

Fortunately, the offer of non-bank loans without a register is quite abundant and although this type of loan is limited to the non-banking sector, there is a lot to choose from. We have prepared an up-to-date overview of these products. If you are looking for a quick loan without checking the debtor register, you may choose here.

Reliable loans without registry

What are the advantages and disadvantages of loans without checking the debtor’s register?

  • Higher availability and above-average acceptability of applications (around 70%)
  • More benevolent requirements for a client applying for a loan (often OP is sufficient)
  • The whole process is usually faster, there is no intermediate step regarding the registry check

However, we also cannot and do not want to conceal the shortcomings:

  • Higher risk of a fraudulent offer or unreliable provider
  • The interest rate tends to be higher, the loan is more expensive (risk compensation by the provider)

Big loan for anything without registers

Big loan for anything without registers

Good Credit is a fixed-line loan without a registry check, it acts as an aggregator and allows a single, non-binding inquiry to reach more proven companies at once. As a result, it has an unmatched high throughput of applications – almost 90%.

The advantage is that the loan is for anything and there is no need to document the intention with the application. However, when a larger amount is demanded, it will probably be necessary to prove financial income. The amount offered and the optional repayment terms will meet different needs and life situations. Good Lender can be an interesting choice.

Agree Bank Loan offers the first free loan

Also, the loan from Agree Bank Czech does not check the debtor’s registers. It is also free for new customers. The limited-time offer can get a loan of up to 5000 USD for 30 days without interest and fees. Agree Bank Loan has been on the market for more than 6 years and has been tested by tens of thousands of customers, so we recommend it to our overview. However, it is advantageous for smaller amounts, the higher ones will be quite expensive – so count! Approval is above average.

USD 50,000 for only USD 2,850 per month

Also, Loan deserves our recommendation, targeting similar clients to the above Agree Bank Loan (both in terms of the amount offered and maturity). Both loans are comparable in this respect.

However, the Good Cash loan is significantly cheaper but lags behind the percentage of approved applications (it is below average in this respect). It is therefore at your discretion. The offer of a loan of USD 50,000 with a maturity of 24 months and a monthly payment of USD 2850 is certainly interesting.